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How I Designed My Course Jen Harty

~ 18 years of combined experience training coworkers and facilitating workshops, while working and earning a M.S. in Instructional Science and Technology.

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Advisory Board

  • For me, it was the way I saw Jen interact with others doing what she does. There is a quiet confidence about her that reflected back to me that she could create the PowerPoint slides and handouts that I would need for the modules of my program. She is so in tune with me that I don't really need to hover every month.  She works independently, gathering information about my work and me and then with her magic, turns it into an absolutely brilliant program.  When we first sat down to talk I could tell she "got" me, with all the complexity of the leadership work I do. Her work allows me to concentrate on what I do well, which relieves my stress. Truly, if you want someone to take your message and create powerful and creative visuals to represent their business, Jen is the woman who can do just that.

    Linda Patten, Dare2Dream with Linda – Leadership Training

  • I LOVE working with Jen. She made the overwhelming task of taking everything I know and putting it into a digestible ecourse fun and easy. She helped me pick the most important pieces, talked me through each lesson and designed a very professional presentation. I'm excited to share this course with my tribe.

    Julie Foucht, The Art of Feminine Marketing